01 January Blue Deal Colombia

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  • Location Bogota, Colombia

The Blue Deal programme is an initiative of the Dutch Water Authorities, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. It offers long-term collaboration with regional and national governments in finding and developing solutions to improve water management.

Blue Deal InspirAgua in Colombia focuses on collaboration with five (clusters of) regional water managers. These are mostly water / environmental boards and waste water companies. Knowledge exchange themes include the design of monitoring and the knowledge cycle, the application of hydrological models for decision making, licensing and enforcement, the management and maintenance of waste water treatment and support in the design of (supra) regional area processes with stakeholder participation.

Work is often carried out on concrete cases that can lead to new working methods focused on broader application, to enable knowledge, plans, processes, infrastructure and instruments to actually contribute to better decision-making and concrete implementation.

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1 January 2030
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Dutch Water Authorities
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Lumbricus, Rivers, Smart Watermanagement, Sustainable Management of Large Water Bodies, Water and Food, Water Management and Soil Movement