01 January Blue Deal Mali

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  • Location Bamako, Mali

The Blue Deal programme is an initiative of the Dutch Water Authorities, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. It offers long-term collaboration with regional and national governments in finding and developing solutions to improve water management. This Blue Deal project focuses on Mali.

Mali is a country with ecological and economic vulnerabilities. It has a short rainy season and a long dry season. As a result, there are sometimes floods, but a major part of the year is characterized by water shortage. The most vulnerable people bear the greatest consequences of water shortages and of climate change. But Mali also has potential. The rich history and strong culture, the capacity for social consensus, democracy and a young population are helpful in reducing these vulnerabilities. Much can be achieved and improved with better management and greater efficiency.

This is exactly what the Dji Don partnership focuses on. The area where Dutch Water Authorities can offer most added value is in improving the wastewater treatment sector. Dutch Water Authorities do this together with the local manager of eight water treatment plants in Mali, ANGESEM. The Blue Deal program (2018-2030) is based on capacity building with three priorities: professionalising technical maintenance and management of the largest sewage treatment plant(s), increased institutional resilience and improved relationship management.

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Until 1 January 2030
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