01 January Blue Deal Romania

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  • Date
  • Location Bukarest, Romania

The Blue Deal programme is an initiative of the Dutch Water Authorities, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. It offers long-term collaboration with regional and national governments in finding and developing solutions to improve water management. This Blue Deal project focuses on Romania.

The aim is to ensure safe and sufficient water in Romania. Subjects of the cooperation are: financing of water management, crisis management, stakeholder management, reservoir management and drought control. This is done within four projects with different water boards within the national water organization Apele Romane.

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Until 1 January 2030
National partner
Dutch Water Authorities
NKWK Research Tracks

Lumbricus, Rivers, Smart Watermanagement,
Sustainable Management of Large Water Bodies,
Water and Food, Water Management and Soil Movement