Water and energy

Generating energy from water and storing it in water; these are challenges that call for innovative solutions.

Generating energy from water may make an important contribution to a sustainable energy supply worldwide. The storage of renewable energy in the water system also offers interesting opportunities. Water may be a means of storing a surplus of solar and wind energy and using it again to generate new energy.

Sustainable hydraulic energy generator
Image: ©Tineke Dijkstra

A large number of Dutch parties are collaborating in promising, innovative pilot projects. These parties include the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, provinces, water boards, engineering agencies, universities, knowledge institutes, developers and manufacturers, hydraulic engineers, power companies and grid managers.

Below are some examples of generating energy from water: Blue Energy (combining salt and fresh water) the Tidal Technology Center in Grevelingendam (tidal energy). The Blue Battery is a battery powered by water and table salt, making energy storage environmentally friendly and safe.

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